Who we are?

The Four Forces Studio is a group of developers who have joined one dream - to create the best strategy game they will ever play. We know that we set a high bar, but it does not scare us, because we believe that we can do it.

Our project

Empires is a turn-based strategy game in which a player's task is to face the greatest rulers of even two hundred historical empires. You can create your country on a giant, three-dimensional map, which exploration and conquest is a huge challenge for even the most experienced players.

The main tools of conquest are powerful, multi-districts cities and an army of units having actual numbers of soldiers. Thanks to a thriving economy based on economic zones producing raw materials, presented in real quantities and units, the player can sustain the development of their cities and have, based on the huge and realistic system, trade with other empires.

However, for players who love the peaceful conquest of the world Empires offers extensive diplomatic options. Create alliances between countries or associate them in a huge international organizations like NATO. Fight for the leadership of the advice of his alliance, and encroaching on the fate of the world and foreign wars, thanks to their votes on the board of the United Nations. Fight with other countries without official notice the war and remember that “history is written by the victors”.

Check if you can build an empire that could conquer a huge world of Empires.
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