Who we are? – Hubert Mattusch

Hi, I’m Hubert Mattusch and I am a programmer at The Four Forces Studio and I lead The Four Forces Academy. Today the time has […]

DevLog #6 – Empires history

Idea and beginnings In mid-June 2015 after about two months of planning and preparation I started working on a new project proudly called – Project […]

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Who we are? – Cyryl Szmit

Hi, my name is Cyryl Szmit and I am founder and lead programmer in The Four Forces Studio. The most of people which follow our […]

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DevLog #5 – Our plans

This post is the first official announcement of big changes, that will take place in our project – Empires. If we don’t mention something, or […]

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DevLog #4 – Visualization

Visualization update In the last post we talked about the changes made during the last visualization system update in Empires. Now we expand this information […]

DevLog #3 – Visualization

Visualization update For a last month our lead programmer have been working on adding new visualization system and optimizing its performance. Still, not all map elements […]


Good news! Once again we will visit the Sabat-Fiction Fest! This year we have planned a presentation about cities in Empires. The lecture will be held […]

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DevLog #2 – Modding

From the early phase of work on Empires we knew that the game should be almost completly moddable. The games from Paradox are the excelent […]


Our friends from Suchedniów are organizing fourth Jagacon – Świętokrzyskie Convent Fantasy. The event will take place in August 5-7 in Suchedniów. For more information please […]

DevLog #1 – Brave new terrain

New biomes smoothing For a long time we have been planning the new biomes smoothing system- but finally we were able to implement it! Of course, […]