Who we are? – Cyryl Szmit

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Cyryl Szmit
Here is a picture under which you can usually find me on the Internet

Hi, my name is Cyryl Szmit and I am founder and lead programmer in The Four Forces Studio. The most of people which follow our studio know me from this site. I have written most of the posts that we public on our Facebook fanpage, IndieDB or blog.

In today’s post I would like to tell you not only about my position and work in studio, but also about my competencies and everyday life. Importantly, this post opens a series in which we will present to you all of the current members of the studio.





OIG – I am in the middle

Besides work in the studio (to which I spend about 4-5 hours a day) I’m also 19 years old student of the last year in Jan Śniadecki’s high school in Kielce, Poland. I’m programming already for four years, which means since when I was 15 years old. My adventure with programming started at the end of second grade junior high school, by learning the basics of C++ programming and later learning in practice – that is creating games on Unity Engine. It allowed me to increase in a short time my knowledge and skills through courses and huge amount of tutorials created by community and developers of Unity.

However, already in the third grade of junior high school and the first year of my adventure with programming, I was a finalist in the nationwide olympiad in informatics for high school students – OIG. After graduating from junior high school and selecting high school I began to wonder what I want to achieve in the future, who I want to be. The answer I found quickly – a developer of computer games!



Me as Frankenstein’s creator

My hobbies

Apart from programming and computer games I also have other interests. I love to play… and I mean both music and acting. Also, I love horseback riding and I’m interested in ancient history – mainly Egypt and the Roman Empire. I am also enthusiast of astronomy and space technology.


How was the studio created?

It is the moment where slowly arose The Four Forces Studio – together with three colleagues from the digital world (we did not know each other in the real world), we started working on our first game – “World of Tanks in space” – Masters of Galaxies. The project promised to be interesting, so we managed to find a few more people to help with its creation. However, very quickly our team (if it is possible to call it “team”) began to disintegrate until finally I was alone – and I had to abandon our first project.

Masters of Galaxies – WoT in space

However, this first year of the studio’s work was very fruitful – especially for me. Learning teamwork, developing my skills as a programmer, or prove that the human enthusiasm rarely translates into the real effectiveness are only the most important things I learned.

When I was alone in the studio, I worked on a few projects, which job was primarily the further development of my skills. After some time, that is in late spring 2015, I decided to start work on a larger project. The best choice seemed to be a turn-based strategy – that’s how the idea for Empires born.


More about the formation and development of Empires from the idea to the present state, we will describe in the next DevLog which will be released the next week! – 25th February.